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Advancing towards high quality development

Editor:Zhejiang Taihua New Materials Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-04-10 

Spring is here, the peasant spring planted a grain of millet, looking forward to harvesting thousands of seeds in autumn. For Taihua, this spring is especially important, and the high-quality development is full of vitality.

The booming sound echoed in the dyeing and finishing workshop

In the newly built workshop of 67,016 square meters, imported equipment such as high-temperature jigger, high-temperature and high-pressure warp beam dyeing machine are roaring, employees are busy at the machine, and a busy production scene will be built. The added value of fabric products will expand the space for further development of the enterprise in the growing market demand for high-grade differentiated functional nylon fabrics.

Several technical improvement projects are racing against time

The 110 kV substation project under construction is planned to run in August this year. After the completion of the 927-square-meter power station, it can provide high-quality energy output, guarantee the production and use of electricity by the head office, break the contradiction between existing energy supply and demand, provide strong stamina for the company's development, and at the same time provide stable power supply and ensure production safety. Upgrade.

The comprehensive utilization of energy technology transformation project is the requirement of the times, and it is the most comprehensive answer to the cost reduction and efficiency development. The comprehensive energy utilization technical transformation project is to transform the company's existing public engineering system. The medium-pressure steam generated by the medium-pressure boiler directly drives the centrifugal air compressor to produce compressed air, and then sends the compressed air to the various gas points through the pipeline, thereby replacing the electric equipment with pneumatic equipment. The purpose of producing compressed air. The low-pressure steam after work by the condensing steam turbine is supplied as a heat source. Not only can it integrate and optimize the existing resource allocation, realize the cascade utilization of energy, reduce the loss of the intermediate link, complete the heat-wind co-production, and ensure the recycling of energy.

The sewage treatment and expansion project was completed, and the sewage treatment system with the sewage tank was followed. By using a new type of hollow FRP cover plate, the sewage treatment tank, aerobic tank and sludge tank are sealed and deodorized, and the organic waste gas is converted into UV photolysis, which is highly efficient in purifying and saving energy. Chai raises.

Exploration of intelligent and unmanned systems

After completing the installation and commissioning of the 5 automatic filling oil tanks of the TTEC workshop, the intelligent transformation team has accumulated a part of the experience. The difficult hard bones and difficult tasks must be solved one by one. The chemical fiber factory FDY oil agent is fully automatic. Assembly and commissioning of the oil distribution system, cooperation with equipment manufacturers to complete the installation and commissioning of the ATY automatic packaging line, and the possibility of automating the exploration of various equipments. This spring is quite busy.

From the high-speed growth stage to the high-quality development stage, it is the main theme of the development of the new era. How to sing the main theme? Taihua has its own answer. On the one hand, it has to eliminate some of the backward production capacity with the courage of the strong man, and on the other hand, it has to change from high-end new equipment and energy. At the head office's 2017 annual work summary meeting, we established the keynote in the work of maintaining strategic strength, firm development and self-confidence, and persisting in striving for progress. “Strategy-oriented, innovation-driven efficiency increase and increased investment and efficiency” The work requirements, the leadership of the board of directors, the overall planning, the overall layout, such as mushrooming, new projects and productivity flourish.

This spring, we are full of oil, steady direction, drumming, and advancing towards high quality development!