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Everyone learn first-aid treatment. First-aid treatment is for everyone

Editor:Zhejiang Taihua New Materials Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2017-01-10 

The company organizes employees to learn first aid knowledge and skills

The first-aid training activities jointly organized by the company's human resources, safety, environmental energy and safety departments were held at 8:00 am on January 10, 2017 at the multi-functional conference room of the dyeing and finishing plant. This training specially invited the Xiuzhou Red Cross. The teacher went to our company for professional training and the number of participants was 60.

During the one-day training, the trainees carefully studied the first aid knowledge, including the purpose and principles of on-site first aid, the procedures for emergency ambulance, basic first aid knowledge and technology, namely, respiratory interruption first aid (artificial breathing) and cardiac arrest Tao Dong emergency method. (External chest compression method), emergency hemostasis method, poisoning suffocation first aid, electric shock first aid, heatstroke first aid and other professional knowledge, through theoretical knowledge, exams, practical exercises, etc., have mastered general first aid knowledge and skills.

It is very necessary to have first aid knowledge. When the accident occurs, timely and effective personnel first aid is the first thing to do in emergency response. It is the primary task of saving lives and reducing losses. If it is not possible to carry out on-site first aid in time, it is likely to cause casualties that could have been avoided. . Therefore, it is necessary to have basic on-site first aid knowledge as a member of the company, and it is also a basic condition for measuring the eligibility of an employee.

Through this training, everyone deeply realized that the first-aid knowledge possessed by the company's safety management personnel and on-site personnel is still far from enough to meet the needs of on-site first aid. Further training and training are needed to meet the first-aid needs. Although first aid is a simple and easy thing to do, it plays a vital role in the rescue of the scene and can win more time and opportunity for saving lives. I hope that in the future work and life, in the event of unexpected accidents, we can turn the theory and practice in training into a calm emergency response, and do the most accurate and timely rescue treatment in the shortest time. In order to ensure the greatest opportunity for security and life, let the 1% probability continue to move toward 100%!