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Technological Innovation Mechanism

Taihua insists on "Science and technology is the primary productivity" as the guiding ideology, market as orientation, benefit as the core of all tasks and the research and development center as the resource integration platform. We carry out research and development in the field of dominant technology, organize technical research, and vigorously promote the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment and advanced and practical scientific theories, in order to reduce cost and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in the area of developing new materials and new processes, promote technical progress, improve economic benefits and provide technical support.

Taihua follows continuous innovation system and the arrangement of this system is :

Strengthen cooperation and communication of technological innovation
The company has always paid attention to maintaining exchanges and cooperation with international industry or professional institutions in new product development and process technology innovation. Technical exchanges with experts from DuPont, Germany DyStar, Huntsman, BASF, Japan TMT, Tsudakoma, Japan Daikin, Germany Barmag, Germany Menfus, US 3M, etc., with DuPont, USA BASF and INVISTA cooperate to develop high-tech products and international popular products. The company adheres to the road of “production, study and research” cooperation. The company's “production, study and research” cooperation has outstanding advantages, and it is related to Donghua University, Yangtze River Delta (Jiaxing) Nanotechnology Industry Development Research Institute (National Nano Science Center Jiaxing Branch) and other professional institutions and research. In cooperation, we will form a research and development team with complementary advantages, production, study and research, and form a research and development pattern of information sharing, basic research, technical research, technology promotion and industrialization, and jointly undertake a number of projects. In recent years, the company has cooperated with Donghua University to declare the National Support Program project “Key Technologies for Functional Nylon 6 Fiber Preparation and Textile Dyeing and Finishing”; and cooperated with the Yangtze River Delta (Jiaxing) Nanotechnology Industry Development Research Institute to develop nylon antistatic functional fabrics.
Pay attention to personnel training, adopt reasonable incentive
In terms of talent reserve, the company implements a strategy of combining self-cultivation and introduction, and adopts various methods to attract authoritative experts in the industry. Join the research team and finally establish a capable, efficient and applicable research team to lay the foundation for technological innovation and promote The company's research and development capabilities continue to improve. By increasing the salaries of technicians and adopting effective incentives and incentives, the company plays a greater role. Company development "Industrial Control Internal Control Management System", "New Product Identification Management Measures", "R & D Department Performance Evaluation System", etc. It is stipulated that all employees, especially technicians, are encouraged to innovate through incentives.

Taihua attaches great importance to the research and development of production technology. In 2006, the research and development center was established, including three major development systems: the development of yarn, fabric, dyeing, finishing, R&D and apparel applied design.